Periodontal Disease: The Important Signs Every Adult Should Recognize

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Protecting your smile requires more work than only ensuring that your teeth are white and even. The gums are a crucial factor in your dental health and your overall wellness. Because most local residents might believe their gums are in good condition, they are often startled when they are informed of a problem. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a harmful condition that impacts the gums around an individual's teeth. The disease's symptoms, for the most part, occur without discomfort. Many tests have shown a link that relates gum disease and seemingly unrelated health concerns, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and specific cancers, in addition to tooth loss.

In spite of this, we have good news: Periodontal disease can be prevented with routine dental care. The most important way to combat gum disease is to get dental care from credentialed dental professionals, like the team at MINT dentistry in Richardson Breckinridge. Our dentists have extensive know-how and skills in the field of periodontal dentistry to identify various issues and manage gum disease.


At times referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease is, in simplest terms, an infection of the gum tissue. The gumline is the oral tissue that serves to hold your teeth in their correct placements. Poor dental health may cause a fuzzy-feeling bacteria known as plaque to collect and harden around the gum tissue. Although toothbrushing and flossing could remove a portion of the bacteria, plaque that's not cleared up will turn into tartar and cement onto your enamel. Only a dental cleaning provided by a dental practitioner or dental assistant can efficiently eliminate tartar.

If left on the enamel, tartar and plaque work jointly to bring about a moderate form of gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis comes about when plaque builds up on the enamel and leads the nearby gumline to become red and puffy. Tartar produces toxins that impact your gum tissues, causing them to become inflamed and puffy and, commonly, leading to bleeding.

If periodontal disease continuously develops without care, later phases of gum disease will often result in sore and bleeding gums, discomfort when chewing, and, potentially, missing teeth. This is why it's vital to detect and manage periodontal disease before the damage travels throughout your mouth.


Healthy gums are slightly yielding, pink, and fit snugly around your teeth. The first signs of gum disease are commonly difficult to identify by the typical patient. It is essential to arrange regular visits with the dentists at MINT dentistry in Richardson Breckinridge. We can determine the early warning signs of periodontal disease during routine teeth cleanings and dental assessments. Signs of inflamed gums include puffiness, redness, tenderness, bleeding, disconnection from the tooth, new spaces around your teeth, halitosis, missing teeth, painful biting, and changes in your dental alignment.


As people get to the more severe degrees of gum disease, they can require surgical treatments. Our dental professionals in Richardson, TX can perform many advanced gum treatments, in particular, gum tissue transplanting, gingival flap surgery, and others.

Periodontal disease regularly forces the gumline to diminish, which will reveal part of the tooth's roots. To address the gum tissue, our dental professionals may provide a gum graft treatment. Commonly, self-donated connective tissue is implemented for this operation. The grafted gum tissue will be extracted from the roof of your mouth and reinstated into your gums, which reduces the tooth root exposure.

Gum surgery can help patients in Richardson, TX who have progressive periodontitis. Depending on the phase of your condition, there are a few techniques we could incorporate: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery repositions the gumline away from the enamel to expose the roots and permit our dentist to gauge your condition. When this is complete, our dentist will do a deep cleaning to eliminate plaque and any compromised tissue. The relocated tissue is then repositioned and stitched back into the proper location. In contrast, a gingivectomy removes and remolds a portion of the diseased gum tissue. This option is generally reserved for people whose condition is more severe. Lastly, a gingivoplasty is thought of as a cosmetic dental surgery that improves and readjusts the gumline when your gum disease has been treated to ensure a more attractive appearance.


The most effective way to avoid periodontal disease is to practice a good, efficient oral hygiene regimen. Obeying this helpful set of rules could help ensure that your bright smile stays healthy for years to come:

Flossing is necessary for excellent oral health.
Flossing a minimum of once daily or nightly is necessary to help clear away tartar that might be trapped in between your teeth. Cleaning your teeth is a necessary part of your oral care routine, but doing so every day still can't target every crevice.

People need to clean their teeth a minimum of twice daily.
Men and women who clean their teeth after mealtimes help to eliminate plaque and food particles wedged in between their gums and teeth. It's equally critical not to disregard the tongue. You should utilize your brush to cleanse your tongue — doing so could get rid of excess bacteria.

Use toothpaste and mouth rinses with fluoride.
It's often difficult to learn which dental routine products are the most effective. While browsing, look for a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouth rinse. When utilized in tandem, the two oral products will extend how long it takes for food particles and plaque to thicken on the enamel.

Ensure that you visit your dentist twice each year.
Plan checkups with your dental care provider twice yearly for dental health assessments and cleanings. Annual checkups allow the staff at MINT dentistry in Richardson Breckinridge to catch issues like periodontal disease when they initially occur. To help people with dental anxieties, our Richardson, TX office provides many sedation options to ease your nerves. This way, you can have your assessments and professional cleanings with ease.

Forego tobacco use.
People who consume tobacco products (like dipping, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes) are at a higher risk to end up with gum disease and certain cancers. Tobacco consumption negatively impacts your immune system. This can make it more difficult for your body to fight off bacteria and recover later on.


Effective dental treatment is required for the fight against gum disease. Find a dental care provider you trust, and be sure to stop by their office twice a year for checkups and professional cleanings. At MINT dentistry in Richardson Breckinridge, our dental professionals are skilled at preventing, identifying, and getting rid of periodontal disease, as well as various other dental wellness problems. Call our staff to arrange an appointment and begin your path toward excellent dental health.

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